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Fashion has always been a way of expressing one's true self to the world. To express yourself freely, one must challenge the archaic rules that stem from society's notion of gender. Having gained some experience in recent years, genderless fashion eschews all dress norms based on a person's gender. It would be safe to say that people no longer want to be ruled by preconceived fashion orders.

Unisex fashion is nothing more than inclusive clothing for a divided world: finding a happy medium between men's and women's fashion schools. The clothes are designed without taking into account any specific gender. Unisex fashion was introduced with the idea of accommodating male and female clothing styles under one umbrella, creating a "contrast between the wearer and the clothing". Whereas genderless fashion involves breaking the rules of fashion and choosing what you want to wear instead of what the world wants you to wear.

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Electronics Black Wrist Watch

Category: Electronics
SKU: MS46891340

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