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Tractors are commonly associated with agriculture, as farmers use them in conjunction with machinery to perform implements such as ploughing, tilling, seeding, and harrowing. Also, a tractor is used to push or pull the machinery, making farming operations more comfortable.

These are some of the types of tractors that are used in the agricultural sector for various purposes:

Utility tractor

Farmers use this tractor for jobs like ploughing and pulling heavy implements. Also, the use of utility tractors can reduce the additional cost of purchasing multiple machines to perform the tasks. Apart from this, these multifunctional tractors produce a power range between 45 HP and 140 HP. As a result, they can easily tow heavy equipment like harvesters, threshers, etc.

Compact tractor

Compact or mini tractors are ideal for agricultural work in vineyards and orchards. They normally come with relevant adjustable seats and narrow rear track width. With the help of these tractors, you can collect hanging fruits, prune trees and do many more things.

Row crop tractor

Farmers often plant their crops in rows to control weed growth and reduce soil pressure. Therefore, they use these tractors to perform operations such as ploughing, levelling, harrowing, starting planters, and weeding. These tractors also ensure proper row spacing, a comfortable ride, easy handling and ground clearance.

Implement carrying tractors

The use of tractors of this type mainly includes the transport and assembly of various implements. Some of the implements are sprayers, seeders, loaders, rotary sweepers, seeders, etc. Also, carrying this additional piece of equipment adds expansion between the chassis of the front and rear tires.

Two-wheel tractor

These light and compact tractors find their application for tillage, tillage and small implements like combines, trailers etc. This tractor can be used in small farms or gardens. Also, gasoline engines provide power to these tractors.

Garden tractor

Garden tractors are ideal for mowing lawns and creating flower beds. They come in a small build size with motor power ranging from 1 HP to 20 HP. As a result, these are convenient for those who are into gardening.

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