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Soil additives and fertilizers are a wide range of ingredients that are added to the soil to enhance plant growth. They can be organic, like bone meal, or inorganic, like 10-10-10 fertilizer. Some must be purchased, while others are free to take from your landscape. Many have a dual purpose: they serve as fertilizers and soil amendments. Soil amendment is anything added to the topsoil to promote healthy plant growth. They work in many ways. For example, they can change the pH of the soil or supply nutrients. Fertilizers are valued primarily for their ability to supply nutrients.
Plants use these nutrients to make components like proteins and carbohydrates for plant growth. A subset of soil amendments, soil conditioners, such as composted horse manure, improve soil structure by binding soil particles into larger aggregates. This increases the amount of pore space and improves air exchange, water movement and root development. Among the many "home" and retail products available, expert gardeners select the products that best fit a need and provide the best value for money. Ask yourself if it makes sense to buy fertilizers or amendments that travel thousands of miles when local alternatives are available.

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