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Resistors and passive components are the cornerstones of all electronics, both in terms of physical design and the language of circuit models that describe electrical behaviour in more complex systems. Passive electronic components can be found in many integrated circuits, and many circuit boards contain discrete passive components as well. They are used for everything from power conversion to power stability, filtering, and integrated circuit configuration.

Since all circuit boards will inevitably contain some passive electronic components, designers must understand how these components are used on modern circuit boards and how to use standard component packages in their ECAD software.

There are two properties common to all passive electronic components: No Power Generation: Passive electronic components do not generate electrical power; They simply dissipate energy (in resistive components) or store unused energy (in reactive components). Without power supply: All passive electronic components work without power supply; They only affect power flow and the electrical output cannot be changed by any external power supply. All components used in modern electronics can be classified as active or passive, and as linear or nonlinear. Some basic electronic components used in many devices are actually non-linear devices when running on high voltage/current.

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