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Process control systems ensure that industrial processes are carried out efficiently, consistently, and with as little variation as possible. They are installed in industrial environments to; Help maintains performance, quality, throughput, and energy efficiency. Ensure that work practices are carried out safely and profitably. The system measures, monitors and controls manufacturing processes and activities. They identify and correct any discrepancies or variations from specified values, either manually or automatically. The goal is to ensure that production is continuous and that as little energy as possible is wasted.

Although process control technology has advanced rapidly since the mid-1980s, newer systems still follow the traditional hierarchical or pyramid structure. The lowest level of the pyramid is used to ensure that a particular process does not vary by more than the allowed amount. Monitors the performance of each part of the process, identifies unwanted changes, and initiates any necessary corrective actions.

Lower-level controls cannot handle complex situations like equipment failure. These must be controlled manually by an operator, or by other controls at a higher level in the hierarchy. At the top of the pyramid, the system controls the overall production process and ensures that it runs efficiently.

Benefits of an efficient process control system;
Your business can benefit from a well-designed control system in many ways, including:
Energy savings: When plants and machinery are running efficiently, energy waste is reduced.
Enhanced Safety: The control system automatically warns you of any abnormalities, reducing the risk of accidents.
Consistent product quality – Variation in product quality is kept to a minimum and waste is reduced.
Lower Manufacturing Costs – Early detection of failures means maintaining performance, performance and quality.
Improved environmental performance: Systems can give you an early warning of rising emissions.

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