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Pet And Farming Animals

The easiest animal to raise on a farm or in a small area will depend on the layout of your property and the amount of land you own. The decision to live in the property means that you have decided to live a more sustainable life. Gardening and crop protection are a necessity for domestic life, but there is also the opportunity to raise livestock. Selecting the easiest animal or livestock to raise on a farm will depend on a few important factors. In this article, we will cover the best cattle breeds for small farms that will give you the best return on your investment.


If you've heard the term that chickens are the gateway to agriculture, you'll understand why poultry is the ideal livestock for small-acreage farming. In addition to raising chickens, ducks are close to many people entering this life. Poultry is undoubtedly one of the easiest animals to raise at home. Starting with these small cattle will give you the confidence to explore other cattle options.

Goat farming on a family or small farm

Goats serve many purposes on the farm, and just like poultry, each breed has a specific purpose. These small ruminants don't require a lot of space, but they do need a predator-proof structure to rest on and good fencing. The decision must be made to raise goats for milk or meat production. For example, Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf goats are popular for dairy production, while Boer goats are better known for meat production. All breeds of goats can be milked and used for meat, although production will be much lower than for breeds intended for milk and meat.

The goats are used to clear the land in addition to the production of milk and meat. This has a double benefit for the caretaker, clearing the land reduces the weekly expense of buying dry hay and clearing the undergrowth as they consume the smaller leaves and branches.


Raising rabbits for meat is ideal for those who live on farms. Many cities do not consider rabbits to be livestock, making them an ideal animal for raising meat. You really do get your bang for the buck when it comes to raising rabbits. Three rabbits raised twice a year can easily produce 45 meat rabbits per year, if not more. In truth, raising rabbits requires very little effort. However, like all livestock habitats, there is a need for food options and generally good husbandry. Between spring and early fall feed and hay can be supplemented for a natural feeding option, be sure to learn how to feed rabbits naturally.


Bees are a great option no matter the size of your home. Not only do they provide wonderful raw honey, but they also serve to pollinate your gardens. Beeswax and bee pollen are valuable, and many people will pay top dollar for these items. In addition to raising cattle, it is also important to learn how to keep bees and harvest honey. In addition to taking a class, search YouTube for additional valuable information. The initial setup cost can be quite high, but once you have everything you need in place, the rewards are incredible. In addition to the items listed above, renting a beehive from a neighbour provides an opportunity to earn additional income.

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