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With the increasing number of women in the workforce and increasing economic independence, women's western clothing is making its way into the fashion market. Experts say this trend is expected to continue as more women enter the workforce or wish to follow the lifestyle of working women. Within working women, there is a clear trend indicating a greater acceptance of women's clothing and western formal wear.

In today's workplace, it's style and comfort that guide women's wardrobe decisions. According to the study, presence in the workplace is important and is considered a reflection of personality and status. Stylish, well-dressed employees take themselves more seriously than poorly-dressed employees.

Unlike before, women are experimenting with their corporate looks. Not only are they becoming ethnic, but casual dress is also becoming ethnic in the boardroom. According to behavioural scientists, while men have traditionally grown accustomed to wearing casual clothing to work, due to their inherent rebellious nature, women tend to take a more formal approach.

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