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MSME Business Solution: A unique financial and cost management platform for MSMEs and SMEs to meet the business needs of small and medium-sized enterprises and corporate segments. MSME Business Solution is well known as a recognized network of experienced financial and grant consultants for providing the best services to our clients to avail benefits related to central and state government. This help distributes existing and new manufacturing units across India.

These industries or companies are the backbones of our economy and they need support and protection from other big companies as they lack resources and technology. We, Globelink Technology, are a business solutions company for MSMEs in India. MSMEs are an important part of the development of India's socio-economic environment.

MSMEs are applicable only to manufacturing and service industries, and trading companies are excluded from the scheme since trading companies are only intermediaries between the manufacturer and the consumer. We, Globelink Technology, are a company providing business solutions to MSMEs in India.

Vision & Mission
To be a full compliance partner for our clients. Provide and assist the entire MSME unit with first-class services with personalized treatment and guidance. Use our intellectual capital to transform the business of our clients. Partner with our clients and add value to their business through a comprehensive consulting approach using expert people, and best practices. Help clients achieve their business objectives by offering innovative and first-class consulting services. Make working with us enjoyable for all clients.

Objective of the MSME:
The objective of the MSME scheme includes incorporating zero defect and zero impact practices into producing processes, ensuring continuous improvement and supporting the Make in India initiative.

Companies under MSMEs:
According to the provisions of the MSMED Act of 2006, the companies that can be covered by the Act are based on their definition and classification as manufacturing companies or service companies; and the corresponding registration policy for the Central Government and the State Governments.

MSME stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. MSMEs contribute around 45% of India's total national industrial employment, making them the backbone of the country's economy. There are many companies in a country, including service companies, manufacturing and trading companies. We, Globelink Technologies, provide business solutions for MSMEs in India and are rated as the best business solutions company for MSMEs in India.

Our company is known as an MSME business solutions company in India and is one of the leading consultancies and one of the most trusted brands. We are known as 'Comprehensive Solution' and we consider 'Knowledge' and 'Trust' as our most valuable assets. At SCHEME we are a team of expert analysts with vast experience, we serve as support for new and existing production units.

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