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Irrigation Equipment System is the agricultural process of applying controlled amounts of water to land to aid crop production, as well as to grow landscape and turf plants, where it is known as irrigation. Agriculture that does not use irrigation but depends directly on rain is called rainfed. Irrigation has been a central feature of agriculture for over 5,000 years and was developed independently by many cultures around the world.
Irrigation Equipment Systems helps grow agricultural crops, maintains the landscape, and regenerates disturbed soils in dry areas and during periods of below-average rainfall. Irrigation also has other uses in crop production, including frost protection, preventing weed growth in cereal fields, and soil consolidation. Irrigation systems are also used to cool livestock, suppress dust, remove the sewage, and clear mines. Irrigation is often studied in conjunction with drainage, which is the removal of surface and groundwater from a given location. There are many types of irrigation. Micro irrigation uses less water pressure and flow than overhead irrigation. Drip irrigation drips into the root zone.

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Electronics Black Wrist Watch

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