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Have you ever wondered what is the best way to take herbs: capsules, teas or liquid extracts? While capsules are convenient and herbal teas are easy to prepare, herbal extracts offer some benefits that no other form of intake can.

This is because when you consume a herbal or ayurvedic extract, it is quickly and easily absorbed, digested, and utilized by the body. The moment the extract touches the tongue, it is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream; The body immediately goes to work utilizing the action of the herb. Because they are extracted from alcohol, herbs are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Benefits of using herbal extracts:

allow optimal absorption
They cause changes in the body much faster than other methods of taking herbs.
They have a long shelf life.
They allow knowing the flavour of the plants
They are more focused
Many different herbs can be combined to create a custom formula.
They can be easily taken in water, juice or tea.
They are convenient and easy to take.

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