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Embroidery may seem a bit old-fashioned compared to mass-produced digitally printed t-shirts, but it's still a very popular choice for custom-branded clothing around the world. Millions of companies choose embroidery for the attractiveness of their clothing and employees. There are many reasons for this, and we will explore some of them in this article.

If you are looking for t-shirts, hoodies, coats, etc. Branding and embroidery can be one of your ideas for your business.

1. It's built to last After multiple washes, embroidered designs retain their quality for many years. Custom embroidered clothing has the potential to last a lifetime. Of course, it won't matter if you only need clothing for a one-off event, but it's a good investment for established businesses.

2. Fabric flexibility If you want to mark garments such as wool, hat, thick jacket, embroidery may be an embroidery for you. Ideal for polo shirts, aprons, jeans, jackets, bags, even socks! Embroidery works best on thick fabrics, for example a very thin t-shirt doesn't require stitching as well as a thick polo shirt.

3. Elegant appearance For example, it can be hard to beat the classic, elegant look of a neatly embroidered logo on the left side of a polo shirt. Embroidered clothing carries a certain level of class and professionalism.

4. Unlimited styling options Modern technology means that embroidery is now available in an almost unlimited number of colours, allowing for a completely unique look.

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