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Coir & Agro Products are also called agricultural products, agricultural products or agricultural products. These products are all products obtained from plants, animals, microorganisms and their products as a result of agricultural activities. They are products derived from plants and animals, that is, plant products and animal products. Thus, agricultural products include agricultural crops, livestock such as poultry products, dairy and milk products, fish products, forestry and forest products, and horticulture and horticultural products. Agriculture refers to agriculture for subsistence farmers or subsistence farmers and commercial farmers or commercial farmers through the use of agricultural machinery, agricultural equipment, agricultural machinery or agricultural equipment and even through the application of various agricultural techniques or agricultural techniques in the production of agricultural products. use chemicals. either for consumption or for sale.
Coir & Agro Products are well-known as raw materials for agricultural and non-agricultural industries. It is known that agricultural products derived from plants, animals and microorganisms, in addition to being a source of food, are many and varied. Furthermore, they have different uses in different sectors whether they are useful in agricultural sectors or non-agricultural sectors. Without a doubt, they have been directly and indirectly transmitting the importance of agriculture for any country over the years.

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