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The Indian fashion industry has evolved and has come a long way. The earlier Indian fashion and apparel industry was not experimenting with designs, colours and styles of fabrics. Clothes were of limited use and people were less style-conscious compared to modern times.

In the late 90s, the Indian fashion and apparel industry underwent a major change, with garments made with elegant designs, distinctive prints, and bold colours. In the 60s, women's clothing focused mainly on tight-fitting 'churidars' and 'kurtas'. These garments were designed using coated polyester fabric and the designs were mostly one-dimensional as they focused solely on traditional Indian culture.

However, in the 70s, the industry began to experiment with fabric designs and patterns. Some of the notable contributions of the industry were the introduction of flared pants and floral prints on saris and Kurtis. The first fashion store was opened in Mumbai in the early 80s. Foreign fashion brands have just started to enter the Indian fashion market. Western foreign brands did not have much variety to offer in clothing. This is where the Indian fashion industry enjoyed the upper hand as a wide variety of fabrics such as silk, cotton, nylon, wool, georgette and linen were available.

In the late 90s and to this day, the Indian fashion industry has been recognized as a major contributor to India's GDP. Fashion industries from all over the world have appreciated the Indian fashion industry for its artistic designs and mesmerizing patterns on the fabrics.

Fashion shows take place in all parts of India, where fashion designers display their beautifully crafted garments, which conform to the latest fashion trends that are prevalent in the industry. Although fashion knows no borders, it varies from country to country and tradition to tradition. Most of the trends originate from the big cities of the world like London, New York, Paris, and Milan and dominate the world.

Nowadays, this industry is one of the fastest growing industries and therefore there is a lot of competition between the big brands in this sector. Fashion clothing manufacturers around the world inspire their designers to create new designs so that they can stay far ahead of their competitors. Every day, various global brands introduce new designer clothes to stay ahead of their competitors. The industry is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as new fashion trends become obsolete in a short period of time, so fashion designers need to create innovative new designs very often.

Life has become very busy nowadays. People prefer to buy online instead of going to the market to buy. Big fashion brands have their own online presence from where people can shop for a variety of garments like bridal lehengas, embroidered Kurtis, Punjabi Kurtis, jeans, shirts, shawls, children's wear, etc. Clothing manufacturers and suppliers are present on various B2B platforms that they have created especially for them.

Many fashion clothing providers offer discount prices on a variety of clothing that can be easily searched online. Fashion clothing exporters are no longer limited to one country and have successfully established customers in various markets around the world. Buyers from different corners of the world can find online fashion clothing exporters and place their orders. Cyber World has brought these manufacturers, suppliers and exporters together on a common platform where there are no borders.

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