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Globelink Technology is the best b2b portal in India and become an ideal role model for all, which continues to serve you with such a common B2B platform where many manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, importers, exporters, service providers etc. have registered. Started business journey in 2017 with a vision to "provide online business marketing solution for Small and Medium Business".

One-stop solution for all B2B entrepreneurs and marked as a Top b2b portal in India. Provide potential buyers, with instant and unlimited inquiries! This is all entrepreneurs dream of. Globelink Technology is working under the guidance of Mr. Vikas Kaushik and Ms. Simran Vashisth (founder of the company) who has over fifteen years of expertise in B2B field.

Globelink Technology is recognized as a fast-growing B2B Marketplace in India providing all-in-one market solutions and the destination where business enterprises have benefited from the much-needed promotion and exposure in the current scenario of the international market. They have become a strong source of credibility due to the use of unique technology and innovative solutions.

Successfully completed 4 years and became one of the Best b2b portals for export business in India. We are newly established but not new in this field. Before starting Globelink Technology we explored the market and gained lots of knowledge and experience.

Global Exposure:
Global exposure fetches more experience in terms of new skills, cultural intelligence, exceptional learning experiences, etc. Our search technology targets some of the most latest proprietary tools that not only give the relevant keywords but also help generate millions of targeted keywords while invigilating their action for the ultimate conversion.

Support SMEs and MSMEs:
We support SMEs and MSMEs. We are a platform where every SMEs and MSMEs businesses are promoted. Globelink Technology is solving core business problems faced by small and medium businesses, which are unique to India, by leveraging technology and bringing benefits of b2b through its unique India-fit low-cost business model.

Success Rate:
We launch interactive digital programs for our precious customers that enable them to engage with their target audience and believe that marketing is not about how many people can reach but how these people are connected and become influencers.

Come with Innovative Ideas:
We know that innovation comes from creativity and creativity is about how to associate different ideas. We believe that it's not hard to come up with an innovative business idea if you have an observational vision. Always encourage creative thinking and innovative ideas.

Globelink Technology is India's largest business-to-business platform, ranked as one of the Top B2b Websites. Providing excellent services with a customer-centric approach and gaining the trust of customers worldwide.

Our mission is to obtain the customer's satisfaction and successfully meet their needs. we aim to empower small businesses with technology, and financial inclusion, and win in an increasingly technological and digital world.

Result Orientation: Globelink Technology is headquartered in Noida. Focused on setting goals, organizing resources, setting priorities and also strictly monitoring project development.

Reason to join us?
● We believe in developing cordial relationships with our clients.
● We hold 15+ years of experience in B2b.
● A huge database that includes both buyers and sellers from all over the world.
● Join Free and get free registration of companies.
● Get complete e-commerce solutions in the most cost-effective way.

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